Netflix is not the future of TV – the phrase reverberates more often lastly. It changed and developed how we watch video, but it is still WHAT why we subscribe to a provider. Imagine you have this great UI but no: Star Wars, Marvel movies, or the whole ABC’s productions – they all belong to Disney. Yes, our beloved content may be gone from Netflix – forever…

Date of publication: 03.07.2019

The part of the audience ready to stand for the defense for Netflix, hold on! What about Game of Thrones? For those who unbelievably missed the phenomenon it can be brought closer this way – the TV series counts as the greatest TV show of all times (no matter the official numbers as it stacks to the third of the most watched shows in 2018 after The Big Bang Theory and Roseanne) and it belongs to HBO. Everybody was talking about the last series whose premiere was watched by 17.4 million viewers across all of HBO’s platforms. You were being left behind in all those vivid discussions trying to anticipate who would be dead in the last episode. That pushed the train and many of us joined it.

Disney has great numbers

Netflix could not be nowhere near to this phenomenon (we do not know the numbers as the company keeps them unveiled). Next to HBO’s earthquaker spring up Disney’s productions like Marvel movies and Star Wars saga and others which over the past six years yielded $1.2 billion at the box office on average.

Single movies (!) which  might be redistributed in a few ways - in theaters, next through online and OTT platforms in order to be at last sold as records. Viewers munch them over and over again while the series on Netflix are cashed mostly once – via monthly subscription. If that does not seem still a big deal, imagine Walt Disney introducing their OTT platform Disney+ and takes all their blockbusters of off Netflix…

That causes quite a disturbance, mostly concerning the fact that Disney+ is going to be cheaper by about $6. Do you remember that Disney owns ABC whose Roseanne (this number one TV show in terms of average viewers in 2018) is another original production? And, of course, there are more numbers which leave those of Netflix far behind, but this is not the case.

Beloved content, priceless legacy

As usual, it all crushes against the money. Whatever the strategy of Netflix is, it will never change the fact that we love WHAT we watch more than HOW we watch it, and to launch those super production it costs a lot. The great and intuitive UI with the convenient and well-designed UX is something more of hygiene of watching – it allows us to watch this great content at all. But if this wonderfully designed path paved by algorithms does not lead to Game of Thrones, it does not matter…

Producing is just costly and if one makes it really well, it becomes just an unfair rivalry. Disney is bigger than Coca Cola or McDonald’s and its crazy sums of stock jumped 12% only on April 12th when it announced Disney+ coming. Those piles of money give an unfair advantage over its competitor who prepared the market for cropping.

Content is the king and it will be. HBO’s Big Little Lies continues great campaign that does not only brings the viewers but creates the buzz. Disney’s Star Wars movies seed curiosity even in those who never watched a single part of the saga. Animations of Pixar productions (Finding Nemo, Toy Story, The Incredibles) or National Geographic documents – they are ownership of no one else but Walt Disney. It is just something that cannot be bought however great series you launch, which Netflix does undoubtedly; they will never have at this point this priceless asset – legacy. Disney+ will jump start with about 7,500 television shows and 500 movies with the already built history and position (Frozen, The Simpsons or Marvel movies). The old saying that we love watching movies we know in this case is killing.

How to watch everything?

This is the market perspective, but of the viewer’s position? Another streaming content platform? Another subscription? Okay. As a parent you will surely sit your kids before Disney+ (and yourself also of course), but what about all the HBO blockbusters? The news of Big Little Lies 2 simply pervaded the media so how come you would refrain from watching it just because you have already subscribed to one platform? No! You will not resign also from following Netflix shows. The market tussle is not your business because you just want to watch the content you love!

This is the second for aggregation platforms. Thanks to one user interface and more features like live TV or recording, these platforms keep viewers in one place and let them navigate between what the love – not between the business squabbles. The tool like MAVI designed by VECTRO X LABS offers to such a platform a unique user experience held in the company’s know-how.


Szymon Karbowski

President and CEO at VECTOR X LABS